Instructional Development

Instructional Design and Development Services

We are adult learning and development specialists with over 22 years of providing clients with expertise in conducting custom needs assessments, designing curriculum, designing courses, writing courses and implementing new programs. PPG's model is to partner with client SMEs and together we build business relevant education and training products that measurably meet our clients' business needs.

Whatever the education and training needs - building custom programs, training trainers, facilitating or teaching workshops, or managing education projects - PPG's experts and deep experience will help ensure value to our client's bottom line.

Specific instructional design and development services offered include:

  • Business needs analysis
  • Education and training needs analysis
  • Curriculum design
  • Course design
  • Prototyping programs
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of programs
  • Training trainers
  • Implementing programs
  • Providing post-launch support

All instructional development contracting is reasonably priced to support our client's ROI projections.

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