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The Institute

Institute for Applied Personal and Professional Growth

Organizations who obtain long-term sustained success; measured by quality, productivity, profitability, and new products to market; have an effective balance of human and business focus. The latest business research tells us that the most critical factor driving this sustained success is the ability of organizations to develop highly talented and committed employees.

The Institute for Applied Personal and Professional Growth was created 1) to deliver human development programs that maximize individual and group potential, and 2) to conduct on-going, human performance research in business that provides Institute members, our client-partners, with competitive advantages.

The Institute is a joint partnership between the Peak Performance Group, our clients, selected colleges and universities, and the business research community. Together, we:

  • Provide training, education and development programs that lead to individual and group competency development and long-term, sustained behavior change.
  • Design and develop new programs, tools and techniques that support the continued success of our client-partners.
  • Provide a forum to review new research, share new ideas, share resources and build critical alliances.
  • Conduct on-going, leading edge research on mission critical topics related to individual and group performance in organizations.
  • Publish research results, tools, techniques, books and related materials that add value to industry.

Board membership in the Institute, headquartered in the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, is automatic when you become a PPG client-partner by investing in a minimal block of reserved course days and attending at least two meetings of the Board per year.

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