Corporate Education

PPG's Approach

Peak Performance Group is a team of experts who share the belief that people are an organization's greatest asset. We are committed to advancing the value of the "human asset" in the workplace by nurturing individual potential and challenging the way people work, team, and lead.

The professionals at Peak Performance Group have exceptional knowledge, expertise and advanced degrees in adult education and in their respective fields, which include business, organization development, team development, motivation, negotiation, conflict management, interpersonal influence and organizational psychology. In addition to professional and academic credentials, we conduct ongoing research, maintain affiliations with professional organizations – and have the experience to translate sound, well established theory to practical applications in the workplace.

PPG matches each client's need with exactly the right expert. We teach courses only in our field of expertise, and we consult only on topics and issues we are fully qualified to address and resolve.

Important to some applications, Peak Performance Group and individual staff hold Top Secret Security clearances with multiple governmental organizations.

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