Corporate Education

PPG Client-Focused Philosophy

Whether the project involves course delivery or organizational consulting, Peak Performance Group focuses on the broad systemic aspects of our client's business with special attention to long-term sustained success by:

  • Providing high quality professional education that has measurable results in the performance of their employees.
  • Educating and coaching our clients in our specialty areas which enables their independent action and achievement long after a particular project is completed.
  • Providing our clients with no-cost access and use of our intellectual property and research as part of every project to support their individual and company's on-going success.
  • Collaboratively building a set of analytic and execution tools for the client to independently use as their conditions, needs and business challenges and demands change over time.
  • Taking a systemic perspective in all our work together to ensure that our clients are addressing the true root causes and ensuring their investment enjoys the highest rate of return.
  • Guaranteeing the level our client's investment through a well-planned fixed-cost fee structure.
  • Providing lifetime client support is provided to all our clients. PPG offers free telephone consulting for any client that we have partnered with no expiration date.
  • Guaranteeing confidentiality, sensitivity and discretion in all matters.

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