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Corporate Education

Client Training and Education Options

PPG recognizes that one size does not fit all training and educational needs or budgets. We offer several options to meet different corporate requirements:

  • Full Curriculum of Copyrighted Courses.

    Comprehensive courses with a proven track record of measurable success in the areas of management, team building, leadership, communication and conflict resolution. Any of these courses may be customized for a minimal fee with rapid delivery at a convenient time and place of the client's choosing.

  • Course Licensing

    A cost-efficient client option is to license a PPG course. A license provides:

    • One-fee annual license with unlimited usage
    • Train-the-trainer certification training for instructors
    • Coaching support for the new instructor's first course delivery
    • Full set of instructor materials: Instructor guide, PowerPoint presentation materials, timing charts,
    • Master copy of the student guide, allowing for unlimited use without additional fees
    • Exercise materials
    • Telephone consulting and coaching for all instructors

  • Custom Instructional Design and Development

    Corporate curriculum development based on theoretically sound concepts in adult learning and long-term, sustained behavioral change to meet measurable objectives provides clients with client-owned and client-driven cost effective training and education solutions.

  • A Total Solution

    PPG offers a full range of educational and organizational consulting services for a comprehensive solution that includes organizational assessment and analysis, corporate restructuring, operational design, corporate education, leadership development, executive coaching, corporate change management and strategic planning, among others.

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