Corporate Education

The PPG Advantage

PPG'S aim is to provide our clients with the training, education and development services that enable them to successfully achieve individual, group and overall company goals. We work in partnership with our clients to achieve measurable and defined business objectives. To do this, we offer the following:

  • All PPG's training and education courses, whether a custom course or one from our extensive library, are designed, developed and delivered based on current research and proven instructional design methodologies.
  • Educational opportunities that help clients realize their individual potential and increase their motivation in a long-term, self-sustained manner.
  • Evaluation is built into course design to integrate training and education solutions to overall business results.
  • PPG has a 20+-year track record using a approach based on sound and proven business, instructional design, adult education and human development theories and principles applied in diverse clients' environments.
  • Direct access to over 50 copyrighted courses in the areas of management, team building, leadership, communication and conflict resolution, among others with measurable results.
  • Adapting course materials to specific client needs without additional fees. PPG courses are designed and built for effectively and seamlessly adapting to unique client needs.
  • PPG offers a full range of educational and organizational consulting services for a comprehensive solution that addresses structure, process and people.
  • Education solutions are seen as being part of an overall solution that seeks to address the root cause(s) of organizational problems and challenges.
  • Our learning engagement model is highly interactive, employs real-life case studies, provides timely, constructive feedback and can be customized to meet individual development goals. Discussions and projects provide insights,

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