Corporate Education

PPG's Education and Training Philosophy

PPG'S aim is to provide our clients with the training, education and development services that enable them to successfully achieve individual, group and overall company goals. We believe it is the client who owns and drives training and education. We work in partnership with you to achieve measurable and defined business objectives using well-researched and proven instructional design and adult education methodologies.

Our courses are comprehensive, instructionally sound, professionally written, and reflective of current research. Our goal is to teach people more how to think than what to think.

PPG's educational opportunities offer participants the opportunity to learn new behaviors, analyze situations, solve problems and modify attitudes in ways that will increase both their job satisfaction and success. Ongoing course validation activities helps PPG to ensure that our programs remain successful in meeting their objectives and providing development opportunities that can lead to long-term, self-sustained personal change.

According to HR Focus, a recent survey of 231 senior executives indicated that talent management – including retention, development, and succession planning – was the number one challenge faced by their companies. Educational development of current employees provides an excellent vehicle to address many facets of these issues by offering existing employees an avenue to develop their contributions to the company while helping them achieve their personal career goals.

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