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Participant Comments About PPG Courses

PPG leadership and professional education clients range from CEO through individual contributors. All feedback and comments are provided anonymously.

    This is the best course I have attended. Effective, practical, and adapted to our needs. It should be a "must" for everyone.

    The instructor was able to successfully cover more in two days than some of my graduate professors did in two months.

    Unlike what happens in other [company] courses, the instructor used direct job-related examples--not examples out of a textbook. He encouraged participation yet kept control. His handouts were tailored to fit our specific needs.

    He handled questions and discussion masterfully. I've also got a bundle of tips I can use as soon as tomorrow!

    I found I needed the course more than I thought I did.

    No bull. Every minute was enjoyable. Only complaint: too short.

    The instructor's interest in each student was obvious and commendable. His animation and vitality kept interest high.

    Outstanding! In my business days I have attended 15 or so seminars on this subject, and, in my opinion, This is #1 in both materials and delivery. Thank you for giving life to the concept of excellence.

    The course was very well organized. The lecture material was reinforced by the workshops. I enjoyed meeting and working with the other participants, learning from their professional expertise...

    I feel a course like this that can expand the thinking process is of far greater value than mere fact learning.

    Great course. I feel it developed many of my business skills in a manner never utilized. It was really fascinating addressing business in this manner.

    The course was flexible in covering areas of concern of student. This was a key success factor in the course. It was interesting how the course is designed to adopt.

    The course stimulated and held my interest throughout the course. I learned something about myself and human behavior.

    The course was fast-paced, intensive, extensive, and excellent! It was very appropriate for my personal interest.

    The instructor was exceptional teacher and highly motivated. I would take classes knowing he was the instructor.

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