Human Assessment

Human Assessment Overview

Peak Performance Group, Inc. provides a variety of evaluations and assessments for our clients. Self-evaluation, team evaluation, peer feedback and interpretation of results by a qualified instructor, executive coach or consultant are critical components that raise the level of self-awareness and which lead to behaviorally specific and organizationally relevant team and personal growth and development. Our assessments are aimed at optimizing our clients' business by integrating human assessments with PPG's other practices to provide a total solution to their needs.

Unlike many other organizations, PPG staff includes PhDs certified in many assessment options to ensure that our clients are getting the most value from their investment. Instruments range from very pragmatic to clinically validated tools administered by certified PhDs in Psychology.

PPG supports our clients throughout the process, providing information that can be used in a variety of ways to meet strategic long-term enterprise goals. The following are among the many applications for PPG's human assessment services:

  • Executive assessment for succession planning
  • Executive assessment for coaching
  • Executive assessment for transition coaching
  • Executive assessment for growth and development
  • Individual assessment for leadership development
  • Individual competency assessment
  • Functional competency assessments to create functional models
  • Team assessments
  • Promotional readiness assessments
  • Individual and enterprise cultural assessments
  • Assessments for acquisition and mergers
  • Leadership and professional development focused assessments
  • Group performance assessments
  • Individual performance assessments

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