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Case in Point

Linking Individual Earnings to Team Success

Sales people are working to achieve individual performance goals and rewards. But they are working in an industry where collaboration among members of a sales force is vital to meeting the varied needs of customers. Though the company encourages its reps - through workshops, rallies and such - to work as a team, the company neglects to change the measurements and rewards that drive self-centered behaviors: "I'm gonna be tops... and win the Week in Waikiki." As a result, the company revenue base remains unmoved - an anchor stuck in a mountain of muck.

Peak Performance Group, Inc. changes the goals and rewards not only to spur communication and cooperation, but to ensure that individual earnings depend on the group's success and that everyone involved in a sale, including support personnel, gets a piece of the "payoff pie."

What's more, besides address and capitalizing on human motivations, PPG examines and redesigns whichever business systems or structures also work against collaboration and thwart the company's desired outcomes.

Before the appearance of PPG, the client's "run rate" of sales growth is 4% against a 10% plan. After implementing PPG's advice, the sales department achieves an 18% run rate for the rest of the year.

Skyrocketing the Market Share to 17.5%
Rebuilding in Infrastructure, Saving an Industry Superstar
Doubling a Revenue Stream
Reversing Plunges in Morale and Product Quality

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