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Peak Performance Group's Leadership team has 25+ years of experience working with global clients to help them develop the strategy necessary to ensure their success in a global competitive marketplace. PPG's leadership team has expertise in a variety of areas, including organizational design and development, strategic planning, high potential and leadership identification and development programs, project and process management, team building/leadership, and human assessment for use in leadership development, identification of high potentials and succession planning.

The leadership team members bring distinct experience to all client engagements which enables them to take a broad and balanced perspective on markets, our clients and their business environments. Rick Maybury's background in organizational psychology enables him to bring a unique perspective to all client engagements, providing our clients with an expertise in redesigning their business to meet changing needs in the workplace. Additionally, Rick is certified in a number of scientifically-validated assessments, providing our clients with expertise in selecting and identifying high potentials. Rick has worked with both public and private organizations, across a wide array of industries. Gina Abudi's expertise is in project and process management, management consulting, and business impact and ROI. Additionally, she has worked with organizations to develop strategic learning & professional development programs for all levels of employees. Gina has worked with organizations in a variety of industries. Martin Howden's experience has been at the senior level within organizations, including CEO roles. His international coaching experience has been across many industries, in both the private and public sector. He has experience in a variety of functional areas within organizations, including marketing, operations and research and development.

PPG's leadership team works with each individual client to ensure a complete understanding of their needs and objectives prior to assigning a PPG associate to work with the client.

Dr. Richard Maybury

Dr. Richard Maybury is an organizational psychologist and the President of Peak Performance Group, Inc. Richard's specialization is in organization behavior, business and organizational assessment, human performance research, motivation, team behavior, executive coaching and adult education. Since 1987, he has applied his specialization to the areas of: leadership, organizational design, organizational change, team development, and human motivation.

Dr. Maybury has worked in over 40 countries and as both a consultant and educator has been conducting research and helping to solve global complex client problems. Dr. Maybury's body of work includes a unique expertise in the design and development of multi-cultural, global enterprises. As examples, specific experience includes working with Japanese-American joint venture pharmaceutical companies, American-Asian-European joint venture high-tech companies and European-based companies building out global business models and operations.

Richard has managed profit centers and corporate learning and organizational development departments for the following companies: the GTE Products Corporation, the General Electric Company, the Geary Corporation, and Applied Learning, Incorporated. He was also a full-time instructor in the Business Information Systems program at Berkshire Community College where he designed and developed two curriculums that were adopted by other institutions of higher learning. Dr. Maybury has served as a faculty member for Boston University, Fairfield University, Post University Graduate School of Business, and the Wexner Heritage Foundation.

Dr. Maybury has served over 300 global clients including: IBM, Verizon, Boston University, Westinghouse, Sun Microsystems, ArQule, Inc., Kyowa Hakko Kirin America, LTD., Astra Zeneca, Genzyme, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Cisco Systems, Apple Computer, Nortel, Bayer, General Electric, Sears, Putnam Companies, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, United Auto Workers, Becton Dickinson, AEG, Kaiser Permanente, Northern Power, Vicor, Wright Express, Zeneca Resins, Hampshire Chemical, Mobil Oil, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Defense, FederalBureau of Investigation, U.S. Air Force, Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and Harvard Community Health Plan. Dr. Maybury holds Top Secret Security clearances with the defense and intelligence organizations.

Richard earned his Doctoral and Masters Degrees in Organizational Psychology from the Fielding Institute and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and Computer Science from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. In addition Richard has completed work in the MBA program at Babson College and the Masters of Adult Education program at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Richard has also completed the Leadership Educators Program at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. Richard's professional memberships include the American Psychological Association, the New England Psychological Association, American Society for Training and Development, and the Association for Psychological Type. Richard's name has appeared in the Who's Who of Global Business Leaders and the Who's Who of Rising Young Americans.

Dr. Martin Howden

Martin Howden, Managing Partner (UK) for Peak Performance Group, has 26 years business experience which he uses as the foundation for his coaching practice established in early 2004.

Martin's business experience included 12 years as a Business Managing Director with ICI, Zeneca and Avecia, with global profit accountability for $250m businesses. Previously he had filled senior roles in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Operations and Research and Development. He has lived in the UK, USA and The Netherlands, as well as working extensively in Asia.

Martin's international coaching experience spans commercial, public and charitable sectors. Specific fields include Law, Education, International Development, Chemicals and Financial Services. His coaching embraces senior executives, support for managers making critical transitions, performance development programmes for those in key roles, and career management issues.

The coaching emphasis is heavily on action planning with a focus on results, based on joint identification by coach and executive of thought and behaviour patterns limiting the achievement of that executive's full potential in the workplace.

Martin has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Cambridge College, Massachusetts, and a Doctorate in Chemistry from Leicester University, UK.

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