Strategic Organizational Analysis and Design


The ultimate deliverable is a positive effect to the bottom line of the enterprise. On the critical path toward that end this methodology includes the following operational deliverables:

  • A detailed analysis of business operations identifying key opportunities for improvement. These areas of improvement are specifically related to systemic root-cause issues associated with the three core corporate structures: business, organization and human systems.
  • A detailed analysis report with accompanying recommendations. Data is collected from numerous sources such as: one-on-one intensive interviews with relevant individuals, goal-set evaluations, documentation reviews, and financial reports.
  • Crucial business management data that will help the senior executive and his or her executive team to lead and manage the business strategy, business model and general operations more successfully.
  • Detailed solution designs related to, but not limited to: organization structure, business and functional goals, key business processes, personnel roles and responsibilities, operational effectiveness, staff productivity, morale and teaming, cross-functional integration and execution, global organization and business model design, and organization designs for entrepreneurial and new product development efforts.
  • The design and facilitation of critical process events in which company executives and experts participate in the final analysis of the data and the integrated design of solutions.
  • An implementation and change management strategy for all solutions.


A corporate analysis has tremendous scope flexibility. The analysis and resulting solutions can be focused on the entire business, a specific business unit or profit center, any functional department such as sales or new product engineering, or an individual team. The process is customized for: 1) the goals of the analysis, 2) the size of the company, 3) the nature of the company's business, and 4) the functional unit such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, R&D, etc.