Strategic Organizational Analysis and Design

Methodology Overview

All corporate behavior is driven by three main systems: business systems, organizational systems and human systems. This methodology takes a systemic approach with the ultimate purpose of understanding and improving broad-based effectiveness and efficiency.

These three systems have a joint and mutual effect on one another. Analyzing one system in the absence of the others presents an incomplete analysis and consequently an incomplete solution, with long-term negative ramifications. The company then becomes a victim to that which it is unaware and does not understand.

The ingeniousness and elegance of this approach is how the methodology: 1) leads to a simultaneous understanding of the three-system mutual effect and its impact on specific business issues and then 2) isolates and differentiates specific system-related root causes for the purpose of designing practical, workable and executable solutions.

The entire analysis and solution design process is a joint venture between Peak Performance Group, Inc. and the client. Data collection efforts are typically accomplished by Peak Performance Group, Inc. while the analysis process and the design of solutions are accomplished collaboratively with the client.

PPG experts have available over 300 analytical tools, research and analysis methodologies and applied theories to employ. A sample of the these business, organizational and human analysis techniques include:

  • Decision-making analysis
  • Goals, rewards and compensation analysis
  • Business model and strategy effectiveness analysis
  • Organization effectiveness and efficiency analysis
  • Business systems execution analysis
  • Global organizational effectiveness analysis
  • Corporate life cycle analysis
  • Corporate change analysis
  • Leadership and management effectiveness analysis
  • Cross-functional integration and execution analysis
  • Employee focus, morale and stress analysis
  • Team effectiveness analysis


Fee structures are flexible and adaptable. The specific analysis and design approach is uniquely defined by the company's identified needs and its business goals, problems and challenges. There is a range of options that assure a substantial return on investment.

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