Strategic Organizational Analysis and Design

Features and Benefits

Enterprise assessments provide solutions for short-term, mid-term and long-term success, allowing the company to evolve as global marketplaces, product development and other economic conditions change without fundamentally having to restructure the company. Executives gain the ability to strategically drive the company instead of reactionally responding to external demands.

Engineering societies, such as IEEE, quality societies, professional journals and academic studies suggest that these types of organizational and operational analysis efforts can yield the following approximate returns on a well-run global company:

  • Increase intra-departmental and inter-departmental efficiencies (3% - 5%)
  • Improve operational effectiveness (5-17%)
  • Decrease time-to-market (3-15%)
  • Increase net profit (1-5%)
  • Increase margins (3-6%)
  • Increase Return-On-Human-Assets (3-7%)
  • Decrease executive and organizational decision-making time (10-20%)
  • Decrease operational cycle time and human resource expenses in cross-functional activities (5-7%)
  • Improve company scalability (5-10%)

A corporate organization analysis and solutions design project often is focused, but not limited to, the features, benefits and improvements in the following:

    • Strategies to grow the business, enhance productivity and expand execution capability with minimal growth in infrastructure expenses, resulting in improvement in overhead-to-productivity ratios.
    • A key to any business model is the execution of the right short-term and long-term activities that drive the overall success of the company. Effectiveness-related strategies will allow executives to manage key elements of their business in a purposeful and informed manner, focusing on that which is most critical.
    • Scaling the business with increasing leveraged capability.
    • Increasing execution speed of the company's business strategy and business model and improving time to market of new products are the most critical core competencies of successful enterprises.
    • Speed of change, adaptation and flexibility are critical competitive advantages. Design solutions will provide structural, process and human strategies to significantly improve both the company's speed and velocity.
    • The economy is now a world economy. Globalization can either result in competitive advantage or an expensive overhead proposition. There is both science and an art to effectively designing global operations. This methodology creates options to: globalize operations for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, support growth, and to minimize problems due to distance and the management of dispersed operations.
    • The beacon for all corporate change and development efforts focuses on the needs of the enterprise's customers and ever-evolving marketplace.
    • The ability to initiate solutions with long-lasting success requires effective change management strategies. Industry proven change management strategies are designed into all solutions.

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