Strategic Organizational Analysis and Design

Enterprise Organizational Analysis

In brief, a corporate analysis and design endeavor evaluates fundamental business structures, business processes, and organization and human systems for the purpose of improving the execution of the company's business strategy and business model.

Using theoretically sound and proven business analysis and design techniques, systemic versus symptomatic issues are identified and resolved in a manner that leads to long-term, self-sustained change. More importantly, the results assure a focused measurable and bottom-line impact.

Conditions often driving enterprise organizational assessment and design efforts include:

  • Change in strategy, goals or the demands of the marketplace
  • Slow or fast erosion of key business factors such as market share, sales, new product adoption, profits, etc.
  • The need to design the company to optimize business execution, product development and business operations for products in various stages of product and market lifecycles.
  • Acquisitions and/or business unit integration
  • Turn-arounds
  • Planned or occurring growth in business and/or business operations
  • Enterprise-wide, business division, executive or team performance problems

Organization and operational assessments can be done systemically across an enterprise or in a more focused and efficient manner for an individual team.

Common questions that often lead executives to undertake this effort include:

  • What can we do to become more efficient in our operations and drive down overhead costs?
  • How can I get our cross-functional operations working more effectively and efficiently?
  • How can I increase the speed and quality of our decision-making?
  • How can I significantly and successfully scale my business while maintaining appropriate efficiency ratios?
  • Where would investments in my business result in the greatest short- and long-term return?
  • How do we globalize our operations without losing efficiency or quality?
  • What can I do to get my people executing more effectively on our business strategy and business model?
  • How do we implement significant change and maintain or increase productivity, reduce overhead and maintain staff morale and dedication?
  • How do I increase the time to market and reduce development time for new products?
  • How do I streamline our operations while improving our quality and reducing our overhead?
  • What is the most effective balance of centralized and decentralized operations?
  • What is an effective business and organization model to drive new product development and generate new entrepreneurial efforts?

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