Talent Optimization

Executive Coaching Services

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The partnership between executive and coach starts with trust and the mutual intention to expand the competence and effectiveness of the client within the business and organizational context. As the coach, we bring capabilities, tools and models for assessing effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement, designing plans and facilitating learning and change. We bring a distinctive ability to identify root cause at the organizational as well as individual level. This helps the executive discern when to focus on individual leadership development and when there is an organizational issue requiring a structural approach. The client brings an inquisitive attitude for increased self-awareness and growth. Together we develop clear demonstrable outcomes for the coaching experience and work with a plan through which the client achieves those goals.

Executive Coaching is particularly effective at times of transition, including promotion, start up with a new company or role and strategic or organizational change. PPG offers:

  • Coaching for Successful Integration: For newly hired executives, often started during executive search
  • Coaching for Expanded Responsibilities: Frequently a part of succession planning
  • Coaching for Career Change: Often within the same company
  • Coaching for High Potentials: In preparation for future opportunities
  • Coaching for Increased Effectiveness: Particularly at times of change for the business or individual

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