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Human Resource Contracting Services

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Peak Performance Group, Inc. (PPG) Human Resources Contracting Services provides client organizations the Human Resources support needed to ensure they are: a) able to manage the day-to-day operations of their business; b) are able to grow with new challenges; c) can respond to unforeseen needs; and d) have available critical skills and experiences at the most opportune time in support of the long-term strategic goals of their enterprise.

In partnership with our clients, PPG assesses the needs and determines the experience and competency required for success, then provides specific talent in a timely manner. As with all of our services, the Human Resource Professionals delivering the contract services have access to the expertise of all of the practices at PPG and will provide expanded capability when helpful – at no additional cost to our clients. As an example, a PPG Human Resource Professional working on an acquisition may bring advice and consultation from the Organizational Analysis and Design practice to bear on integration work for the client. Or, the Recruiter may tap the expertise of our Human Assessment practice in supporting the client’s selection process.

Our clients value the flexibility, targeted expertise and performance focus which deliver results for their unique needs and requirements by bringing on the right Human Resource Professional at the right time.

Peak Performance Group, Inc. Offers a Broad Range of Talent

To address a diverse set of client requirements, PPG provides Human Resource Professionals with deep experience in their area of expertise and demonstrated ability to build relationships and deliver results. Our professionals have held top Human Resource positions in companies of various sizes and in various stages of business life cycle from start-up to turnaround, from rapid change to global expansion. They have been "feet-on-the-ground" for due diligence or integration with acquisitions. They have handled generalist assignments across many industries and in high stress environments. Our experts quickly assess the situation and develop solutions that work for the business and the people, whether that is bringing on new talent, creating a performance management system, covering for a trusted business partner on leave or leading a key change management period.


A variety of services are provided to meet our clients’ needs:

HR Generalist As a trusted business partner, Human Resource Generalists being expertise from many disciplines as they work hand-in-hand with line managers to identify human resource requirements. They implement processes and tools and provide advice and coaching in order to improve organizational capability.
HR Senior Executive At the executive level, Human Resource Leaders work with senior line leaders to gain insight into organizational and talent needs to support the business strategy, develop and often lead the implementation of plans to meet those needs. They conduct analysis and develop strategies to improve organizational performance, provide coaching and counsel to senior leaders, and often design, staff and develop the Human Resources function.
HR Administration Responsible risk management and compliance requires effective Human Resource Administration in support of the organization’s culture. The HR Professionals at PPG work with clients to develop appropriate Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbooks, EEO Reporting, Affirmative Action Plans and HR Metrics.
Employee Relations Advice, counsel and programs to support managers in building strong and positive employee relations is key to building productivity as the business grows and changes. Human Resource Professionals from PPG bring expertise in performance management, conflict resolution, communications, employee surveys, team development, optimizing diversity, orientation, onboarding and retention.
Rewards and Recognition A targeted compensation philosophy and programs are critical to attract, recruit, motivate and retain the right talent for the business. Our specialists work with clients to develop a competitive position, internal equity and effective outcomes through market analysis, competitive pay practices, incentive plans and custom reward systems. We develop compensation management tools including job families and salary levels/ranges and connect these to performance management tools and systems.
Learning and Development Linking continuous learning to performance improvement for the business builds a culture to sustain a firm through each stage of the business life cycle. The learning specialists at PPG work with clients to assess the business needs and develop a strategy for learning and development. From this plan, specific programs are designed utilizing a range of methodologies including: individual development planning, classroom, distance learning, on-the-job training, online and blended solutions.
Change Management Strategic and tactical change requires management and attention to numerous factors including: the organizational design, culture, employee morale, communication, goal alignment, human resource alignment, training and coaching, and employee engagement and influence. PPG offers Human Resource support in the design, management and implementation of all forms of change including strategic business changes, mergers and acquisitions, and business and organizational adjustments to support goals and business models.