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Executive Linkage for Success

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Executive Linkage for Success is a targeted results-oriented service focused on building capability between executives to resolve challenging conflict and to solve key problems critical to personal and enterprise success.

The growth and competitiveness of a business lives and dies on the ability of executives to tackle critical issues, drive constructive conflict and resolve key problems in the best interest of the enterprise. Good conflict is the lifeblood of sustained company success. Unresolved or badly managed conflict between executives robs a company of energy, synergy, creativity and morale.

The Executive Linkage for Success service is targeted at key executives either entering into a volatile situation with another executive or currently locked in a cycle of unresolved conflict or problem solving needing a timely breakthrough.

In a real-time fashion, a Peak Performance Group expert will strategize, facilitate and support the development of constructive interactions between the executives while simultaneously developing their skills in a non-threatening environment for successful ongoing resolution of the current and future issues.

Designed as an efficient 2 to 3 session model, the activities of this service include: gathering individual executive data, designing the executive engagement model unique to the situation, facilitating the "right" conversations leading to resolutions between executives, teaching interpersonal engagement and influence techniques, and collaboratively developing an ongoing strategy to follow.

This is a highly confidential program, guaranteeing that your executives will be provided the guidance necessary to help them come to a mutually agreeable resolution and enabling them to work together more effectively and professionally.

This is also a superb compliment to an executive coaching endeavor employing a truly neutral third party to mediate acute problems between specific executives.

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Executives who need to resolve problems or conflicts with other executives immediately or in the short term. Models are available for executives in one-on-one situations as well as a group of executives working through a specific issue.

Benefits of the Executive Linkage for Success Program

  • Enable the executives to resolve critical issues that are time sensitive and key to the business' success.
  • Improve the ongoing working relationships between executives.
  • Provide a framework to resolve future conflicts and problems.

Program Features

Features of this program include:

  • Efficient and succinct model for intervening and mediating a critical issue.
  • Teaches the executives how to have the "right" conflict conversation and avoid destructive engagement
  • Assumes executives are talented and open to guidance in creating a breakthrough and learning techniques to apply in future situations.
  • Executives take ownership of the process from start to finish.
  • Employs proven techniques employed throughout many industries and environments.
  • Services delivered by highly-trained and experience mediation professionals.